Drop down/Free text in Dashboard

(William) #1

I have an dashboard that was created for our CSR’s. What I am trying to implement is a list of product categories customers do not buy and then my CSR’s will ask them why. The first two input fields are drop down for search ability reasons, then a free text area for further explanation. My question is, how do I add the drop-downs and free text to the dashboard and make sure it is tied to the product categories? The list of product categories the customer doesn’t buy is from a BAQ.

(Joshua Giese) #2

You will need to use the Customize Tracker feature or more likely deploy the dashboard and overlay a customization onto that. (Note customizations over the top of dashboards can blow up if you subsequently re-deploy the dashboard. Not always, but sometimes)

(William) #3

@jgiese.wci That’s nice to know. Thanks for the input.