DMT Load PO Release - GL account code


(Scott Gray) #1

I am trying to DMT load PO Releases using the Buy For Tran Type of - Other and loading in a GL Account.

I am unable to find the correct way to load the GL Account using the Purchase Order Release in DMT.
The DMT template builder offers a PORelTGLC#GLAccount. This is very close the the actual field name of PORelTGLC.GLAccount. This is my first guess.

I have loaded what I can pull for the field in a BAQ of - 20020|100|100. Acount, Location, Dept.
I have loaded 100-100-20020. Same data in how it looks on the screen.

DMT loads my data. No errors. However, my GL Account in the Release remains the Default GL account - Suspense.

Has anyone successfully loaded the GL Account?

(Mel Malay) #2


I am having the same issue. Were you able to get this to work?



(Scott Gray) #3

No. I am making the changes manually.

Waiting to see what an upgrade to 10.2.?? will do this month.


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(Mel Malay) #4

Thanks Scott

(Joe D Trent) #5

Here’s how I got it to work:

Company Plant PONum POLine PORelNum PORelTGLC#Company PORelTGLC#RelatedToFile PORelTGLC#Key1 PORelTGLC#Key2 PORelTGLC#Key3 PORelTGLC#Key4 PORelTGLC#Key5 PORelTGLC#Key6 PORelTGLC#TGLCTranNum PORelTGLC#GLAccount
MII MfgSys 1000 1 1 MII PORel 1000 1 1 0 500480
MII MfgSys 1001 1 1 MII PORel 1001 1 1 0 130040

where the gl account is entered as ‘500480|00|511’ and is displayed on the PO screen as ‘00-500410-510’

The “TGLC#” columns map to TranGLC, where the data is stored. Your mileage may vary. :slight_smile: