Deposit Billing Credit Memo


(Brittany Friesen) #1


We are running into an issue where a customer pays for an order, we put a deposit payment on it (through cash receipt entry). Say the customer then cancelled part of the order. I now have a payment stuck in the deposit of the order.

I think using the deposit billing credit memo feature in invoice entry is the solution. I cannot get mine to post though. These are the steps that I am taking:
Financial Management>Accounts Receivables>General Operations>Invoice Entry

  1. New Deposit Billing Credit Memo
  2. Enter order number that the deposit payment was originally entered to
  3. Line>Deposit
  4. Enter the full amount owed to the customer in the extended price field
  5. Select the correct tax category

This is where I am stuck. It does not allow me to post this. I believe because the GL is not balanced. Does anyone know how to do this? Or know a better solution to crediting the customer a deposit payment?

Thanks in advance.