Deploying the Epicor Client


(Theodore Koch) #1

Curious what other people are using/doing to distribute the Epicor client to end users automatically? We are thinking about using group policy, but it’s not very reliable.

(Andrew Johnson) #2

We previously used a PowerShell script executed by Group Policy, configurable for different locations. After being acquired by a company that uses SCCM for software deployment, SCCM is what is being used currently.

(Devin Draeger) #3

do you have a copy of the power shell script that was used @andrew.johnson

(Theodore Koch) #4

We ended up using SCCM to copy the client folder from the server to the end users computers with a script.

(Jose C Gomez) #5

Is what we use too, and then we let Epicor manage the updates normally. SO for initial install we deploy then we let Epicor manage it as it does.