Data Collection licenses not being used


(kyle) #1

MES stations have decided to use default user licenses instead of the data collection licenses. I figured it may have been because I have the automatic sign in flag checked under preferences, but that does not seem to make a difference. In the past I have noticed that MES user logins are not always using all of the data collection licenses, but now its becoming a problem. Any ideas??

(kyle) #2

Down to one station actually using the data collection license now. Only one at a time…

(Joshua Giese) #3

How many DC licenses do you have available and how many MES stations?

(kyle) #4

12 MES stations and 7 DC lic.

Currently 5 MES logged in, 1 dc license being used, other 4 are using User lic.
6 DC available.

(Joshua Giese) #5

hmmm that’s strange… no bugs I know of in 10.2 your stated current version. I assume the get into MES via a shortcut with the -MES switch. For sure auto login won’t matter we do that here. Can you send a screenshot of the grid from Admin console of your available vs used.

(K White) #6

We are using MES and are not having this issue. Did you verify your license count on server?

(Jose C Gomez) #7

Is your MES Customized? There are way in which you can shoot yourself in the foot by customizing MES and “accidentally” changing your licensing mode

(Mark Tellefson) #8

Are the MES stations thin-clients or full workstations? Our thin clients only show one data collection license but don’t take any user licenses.

(kyle) #9

no there is not any customization in mes

(kyle) #10

they are full workstations

(kyle) #11

There are only 4 logged in currently. 3 using default, 1 using DC
Capturexx234 Capture321423

(Joshua Giese) #12

Hmm… something is wacky doo for sure. How are the user and employee records setup. I haven’t looked maybe on later versions they assign default license to folks with actual Epicor User records? I’m throwing s*it at the wall there.

(Haso Keric) #13

I wonder IF the Username you use to login into MES, if it’s not tied to an Employee via User Maintenance, if it assumes a Default License.

(Joshua Giese) #14

Right i’m wondering if something on that lines is goofed too. @kp11 could you send a screenshot of employee maintenance for a person and if they have a user file record their user company record too. Redact whatever you need to.

(K White) #15

If you are talking about this screen…I don’t think that is the issue. We have generic log ins not tied to employees and they are pulling a Data Collection license.

Are you sure they are logging into MES and not full Epicor and going to Office MES?

(Haso Keric) #16

All I can say I was not able to replicate it. I tried a few variations, in addition I enabled the Balloon Notifications on the Sys Task Agent.

BUT! I did notice it consumed a DefaultUser license, if I had a Scheduled Process Task configured to run as that User.

You perhaps have re-ocurring Scheduled Tasks configured to run as “MES…” User, check your Sys Task Agent - or - One of the MES Screens has some kind of Customization, which you are not aware of.

(Bart Elia) #17

Tracing is your friend.
In app.Config try either the license or session trace and monitor how and why the licenses are consumed.
The license trace is in newer versions of E10 to reduce the noise in the logs. The older session trace will have the license info though

(Haso Keric) #18

Agreed with @Bart_Elia

Basically If you go to to your AppServer UNC path (example: \SERVER\c$\inetpub\E10_Migrated102300\Server) you will find a AppServer.config file, you can enable additional logging. There are many more options than what the Admin Console can enable at this time.

Simply remove the

<!-- and -->

Press Save and it should start logging.

Then you should be able to see additional details in your ServerLog.txt file(s)

Additionally, if you want to grab the Updated “PDT Tool” for 10.2.300 (seems not to be updated on EpicWeb yet) - you can however download it from their OneDrive -!AK3yk3NgvdNM3Rc&id=1548C967AFCFDC5D!461&cid=1548C967AFCFDC5D

(Aaron) #19

i wonder somehing - can you check to see if those users have a pending notifcation - I am wondering if this may be tied to the newish cloud ops notifications we now get. Are you on Premises or Cloud?

//edit: We are dedicated tenancy in cloud and now have Notifications in the system manager > actions > opn notifications . Pops up a window like this. Wondering if the window is rendered in a way it is changing the license assigned (even if these are just unread)

(Richard Riley) #20

License Type consumption seems to be pretty straight forward for the Data Collection License. If the Command Line includes /MES or /HH (-MES or -HH), then the system will attempt to use the Data Collection License. If there are no Data Collection licenses available, the system falls back to using a standard license. That fall back to a Default Office license is one of the items that is logged by turning on the tracing.

The logic to see how many licenses are in use runs against a memory cache on the AppServer while the Admin Console runs against the actual DB table backing the memory cache so a difference in the counts (Memory vs DB) is theoretically possible but would be unexpected.

Also in play - the license on the Company the user initially logs in to. On most on-premise systems, there is only a single license key used for all the companies in the DB (each company is assigned the license via the Admin Console) so the number of licensed users would be shared across all the companies. However, if a license was updated and then not installed across all the companies (or a different license was used for some companies), then the license counts could vary.