Dashboard Tracker View - Foreign Key and Sub Tables


(Chai Chang) #1

I created a dashboard and added a few sheets via the Sheet Wizard. Sheets include Job Assembly, Job Material, and Job Operations Sheet. After that I went and add in Foreign Key and Sub tables views.

Steps to add in Foreign Key and Sub Tables:

  1. Right click the tracker and click “Customize Tracker View”.
  2. Click on Tools–>Data Tools
  3. Click “New Custom View”.
  4. View Name: Job, Parent View Name: TrackerQueryView, Column Name: JobHead_JobNum
  5. Click Add, Click “OK” when prompt and Save.
  6. Close out of the Customization Tools Dialog window.

I went back to the tracker view and right click, then select “Customize tracker view” and getting error:

Unable to cast object of type ‘System.Data.DataView’ to type ‘Ice.Lib.Framework.IDataViewer’.

Anyone know what’s going on? This is with Epicor version