Daily Mass Email of AR invoices

(brychan williams) #1


We would like to automatically email invoices to customers which have been created during the day. We have print routing etc. We have created the necessary routing for manually sending the emails, using a report style in ‘Mass Print AR invoices’. However, we would like to automate this. We were going to schedule the ‘Mass Print AR Invoices’ option but that doesn’t have the dynamic dates option. We could potentially still use this but use a filter in the Routing but I believe you cannot filter of InvoiceDate = ‘Today’ just specific dates. Also, this could be quite intensive. I was just wondering how people that needed this feature managed to solve the issue. Epicor 10.1.500. Thanks in advance.

(Pierre Hogue) #2

We use APM (Advanced Print Management) which is a third party tool supplied to us by Epicor. Works great for this purpose.

(Lee Burns) #3

I was super excited to get APM, and super let down when I realized it didn’t come with a lot of the functionality of standard BPMs–namely the Custom C# Code workflow object and the ability to assign variables.

It struck me at the last regional End User Group meeting I attended, where they pitched APM, that they left some stuff intentionally out of APM basically to prevent users from building their own DocStar replacements.

I’m on 10.1.600.5, and I just checked the Filter Object in my APM, thinking it might give me access to a Call Context variable that would hold “today” as a date, but nope… You specify the value in YYYY-MM-DD form, and nothing else. I don’t know how I would go about automating this.

For what it’s worth, I have Breaking and Routing set up on my ARForm Report Style, but each day, someone in Sales runs what we call the “Update” where they Get Shipments, and print invoices, and there, based on a couple UD Fields at the Customer level, the invoices get Printed or Emailed Automatically, but it’s still a bit of a manual process. Wish I had a better answer.

(Surendra Pal) #4

We had same requirement and implemented following.

  1. Create a Style with Advance print routing setup.
  2. Create a STD Data Directive to auto print using above report style(set condition with Auto Print Ready field or for our case was when invoice posted so we used Posted flag.)

let me know if you have any issue to setup above.

(PatL) #5

We have a tool that we wrote to do this with one of our consultants.
It is a program which runs on a schedule and emails client invoices using epicor ssrs email functionality.
We also use it for statements.
If you are interested ping me and i can put you in contact.

(brychan williams) #6


Thanks for all the feedback. Yes, we could program something ourselves but just checking that I wasn’t missing something.

Thanks again.

(Anthony Marola) #7


I am setting up Auto Print using APM for when invoices are marked posted, but I am running into a roadblock when selecting the report parameters. It isn’t very clear what is required to actually output the invoices once the group is posted. What did you fill-in to get yours to work?