Cycle Count Schedule Maintenance issues

(Clifton) #1

I am redoing all the cycle counts. I am at the step in the Cycle Count Schedule Maintenance where you start a new schedule. After doing that, in 2 of our other warehouses, it gives me the option to perform part selection. Why would it not in other warehouses? I am stuck on this one.

The total selected is zero on the ABC qtys tab.

(Rachel Herner) #2

Was the ABC assignment done on this warehouse?

(Clifton) #3

I am not sure, how do I do that or how do I tell?

(Clifton) #4

Any thoughts on this? I have pulled the part numbers in our HDW warehouse in excel/sql and it looks like all are Cs, which, because of cost and the manual ABC setup that we use, this is acceptable. Does that have any affect on this at all?

(Clifton) #5

After more research my guess is that our full physical did not complete because one tag has this error.

Could that be the issue and if so, how do I correct that? I cannot mark the part number as lot tracked as it has stock. I cannot remove stock as the part number is not lot tracked… Round about errors here.