Cycle Count - Freeze Selected Parts Option


(Andris Skulte) #1

Wouldn’t it be amazing if Epicor could prevent part transactions for those that are selected for the active cycle count? Have Epicor pop-up a message of “Inventory Transactions For This Bin Is Frozen - Active Cycle Count.”

It’s very difficult to get a block of hours every day where Bin transactions aren’t happening, to get the accurate count, and tracing active inventory transactions to reconcile differences is time consuming. Having the pop-up would alert the stock pickers to leave it, and go back later to get those parts, or tell the cycle counters to check that bin now. Once that bin has been counted, it would drop off the active list, and be available for picking.

Heck - Even highlight that part num in Fulfilment Workbench so it doesn’t get picked in the first place…

Would this be useful for anyone else?