Customize time phase


(Debbie Martyn) #1

Does anyone know if it is possible to customize time phase in E9 to add in an updateable job entry field - specifically the required by date?
The goal is to be able to make job required by changes while reviewing time phase instead of flipping back and forth between this and job entry.
We don’t require the job to be rescheduled at that time since the global schedule runs each night so it would reschedule at that time.
If this is possible, any direction of how this can be done would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help

(Joshua Giese) #2

Not for the faint of heart, I myself would never attempt it. You would have to rebuild that query/screen from scratch in an updatable BAQ and dashboard. Honestly I would right click open with “Job Manager” from time phase throw each up on the screen side by side and use that as a master screen for editing the job supp/demnd

(Debbie Martyn) #3

Thankyou for the info, that would definitely be above my experience level.
Job manager doesn’t have the ability to make changes to the required date, is there a setting that can be changed to allow this?

(Joshua Giese) #4

Right Click open with JobEntry then a little bit slower unfortunately but it would work just the same. Alternative would be to create a new screen to handle just those changes but that would seem like overkill.

(Greg Payne) #5

I just finished an updatable BAQ that does a time phase for all of the material on a job in the background to a UD table and uses that to list material that is short and its arrival date for scheduling. I don’t show the behind the scenes time phase, but it is in the UD and a simple BAQ would list it. Put both of these on one dashboard and this should work for what you are trying to do.

If you want I will package them up and your team can review.


(Kevin Simon) #6


You should be able to add a button to the Time Phase screen, then tie some custom code to the button click event that reads the job (JobEntry.GetByID), changes the date, then calls an update. You’d need to duplicate that action in Job Entry with a TRACE on to see if there are any other methods being called that you’d want to call in your Time Phase customization. Most of this should be able to be accomplished using wizards within the customization tool (look for the business object), or by getting sample code from this forum.

This is a bit more complicated to implement, and of course it’s one more thing to deal with when you upgrade. But from user perspective it should add a lot of efficiency to their process.

The one thing: since this is calling the same methods that you have in Job Entry, if your Job Entry is slow, don’t expect this to be a “fast” update.

Kevin Simon
SimsTrak Consulting, LLC

(Debbie Martyn) #8

Hi Greg,

Sounds like something like that would work, I would like to review


(Greg Payne) #9

Sorry for the delay, I was going to package these up and take some of the extra code out of it, but have not had the time. I think your time phase will be just the first loop that calculates the UD19 values.

calc job eta does the time phase for all job material and puts it into UD19.
Calc mat eta results lists the UD19 records by user.
Job center dash is an updatable dashboard I built to do job updates that uses and advanced update and not job entry to be quicker, since as @SimsTrak mentions Job Entry can be slow.


calc job eta.baq (18.4 KB)
Calc Mat eta results.baq (9.8 KB)
job center dash.dbd (226.3 KB)