Customization Deployment

(Travis McMullen) #1

I am testing and found that my customization in PO Tracker had to be recreated because the form name changed. I recreated the Customization and deployed it to the menu. I found out later that the Customization only affected the Purchase Order Tracker item under Purchase Management > General Operations which is where I deployed it. If I open this from Shipping / Receiving > General Operations, the base form loads.

I called support and they told that is base behavior and has been since Vantage 8. However, in Vantage 8.03, Epicor 9.05, and 10.1, I could deploy it one time to any location in the menu and it would take affect to every other location on the menu. Support is claiming that a script or BPM was created to force that behavior. There is no script because I am the only I.T. person that has been here for all of those upgrades and I have never had to make sure the script continued to work between all of those versions.

What behavior have others seen over the different versions of Epicor? Is it possible that our Epicor installation has had this ‘bug’ of applying my Customizations to all menu locations over all the Epicor version listed above?

(Pierre Hogue) #2

My experience is that every menu had to have the new customization name in order to use it throughout Epicor. It often created issues if we did not do that (forgot one menu) that the user had created a quick link tab on his home page…and did not have access to the new custo.

I wished such fonctionality would be available (multiple assignments to all menus of the new custo… ) and moreover I never understood why such multiplication of menu setup was required… why it was not designed where you only needed to change it only once…and applied to all duplicates…


(Brandon Anderson) #3

I second that. The purpose behind that being, different user groups may want a different customization.

(Mark Damen) #4

Agree with support on this one, that behaviour has been the same ever since I’ve been working with Epicor.

The one thing to note that is similar to what you describe is the right click open with (context) menu. That looks at one particular Menu Id. If the menu entry that the context looks at for say Part entry, then if you apply the customisation to that menu it will apply everywhere that right click does.

(Tim Shoemaker) #5

It has always worked this way ever since AT LEAST Vantage 8.0 when I started working with the product. The menu options allow for different customized versions in different menus so that one department (Purchasing) could have different options available than another (receiving).
Also, security is setup by menu option, which is why the context menu (right click) points to a menu option rather than directly to a program. When you right click and choose a program, it goes to that menu option, and runs that customization IF you have security for that menu option.

(Pierre Hogue) #6

It was actually the case, because our version had an issue with hiding fields using user rights, (don’t remember the functionnality sorry… ) we had to develop versions of trackers that do not show costs/sales info. But we did this via another menu (copy) and named it tracker - no cost. We kept the original name for the original tracker just because it is easier to maintain…

Maybe it exists, but I do not know about, I wish a maintenance form could allow an easier way to change menu customizations. Say Part tracker needs an upgrade, it is present in over 10 menus, I need to access all the menus, multiple clicks involved … But if a grid would show me all the list in a grid, where I can choose which ones needs the change (checkbox) and select a dropdown with the name of the custo, then click a button change all… That would be awsome… does that exists?