Custom DLL error


(Rubén Corral Yruretagoyena) #1

Hello everyone, I really need some help our guidance here.

I have a custom which uses a custom DLL working perfectly. no problems with that. this custom reads an xml file and writes some info into UD fields inside the APInvoiceEntry/Header/MischCharges… this is perfect.

Now I was requested to create a “new” custom, using the same DLL file but instead of “writing” in APInvoiceEntry/Header/MischCharges, the info will be placed directly in the Header/Detail tab… process runs smoothly until the custom DLL is called. I´m receiving the following error message.

CS0103 - line 746 (2730) - The name ‘ValidarXML’ does not exist in the current context

any gues or suggestion?

the code “calling” the custom DLL is exactly the same used in the “working” custom.

XmlNode root = xmlSoap.DocumentElement;
XmlDocument xmlResultado = new XmlDocument();
xmlResultado = ValidarXML.Servicio.CallWebService(xmlSoap);

(Jose C Gomez) #2

Is that method Public?

(Rubén Corral Yruretagoyena) #3

Hi Jose,


xmlResultado = ValidarXML.Servicio.CallWebService(xmlSoap);

line resides inside a public method indeed.

public void generateXML(string _xmlPath, string _filename, string _newfilename)

(Rubén Corral Yruretagoyena) #4

Just figure it out the issue… indeed, the custom DLL was not referenced in the form.

In the Costumization Tools Dialog window I went to the Tools / Assembly Reference Manager and the dll file was note referenced ther, once I add the file there, everything start working as it should…

Thank you!!