Crystal Reports Not Printing

(William) #1

In my test VM of 10.1.500.38 I have an issue with anything Crystal. It shows complete in the System Monitor, but nothing comes up and under Action’s the options for print and print preview are greyed out. I have looked at Company Maint and it is set to Crytal and SSRS. I also have Crystal downloaded to my computer and the VM.

(tyler fenwick) #2

@Will79 Is the report style you are printing a “standard SSRS report style” or a custom style defined as a “Crystal” Report Type?


(William) #3

The Report Type is set to Crystal.

(Jason Hawthorne) #4

Do you have the 32bit or the 64bit crystal runtime installed? It should match what epicor is running as not the what the OS is.

(William) #5

I have the 64 bit.

(Jason Hawthorne) #6

You are going to want to install the 32bit Crystal Runtime if you are running the Epicor 32bit client.


Also make sure your reports are in the proper location on the server


This is under the EpicorData folder on the server.