Crystal Report Error

(William) #1

I ws going over one my crystal reports and made one change to it and got the following error: System error has occurred! Run in preview mode from System Monitor for details.

I tried undoing the change and it still gave the same error.

(Theodore Koch) #2

What is the error when run in preview mode?

(William) #3

It ran just fine. Then i downloaded it with no issues, logged out of epicor and came back in and it worked. Was getting ready to respond, but found this to be a little odd. On a side note: is it possible to add a field in crystal to the BAQResult?

(Theodore Koch) #4

You would first add the new column to the BAQ related to the BAQ report, run the report, then refresh the Crystal Report in the designer with a new xml dataset that includes the newly added column.

(William) #5

Gotcha. Now to find the location for the XML file. So busy today thinking is a luxury! LOL!

(Theodore Koch) #6

\\taskagentserver\epicordata\reports\[name of user executing report]