Changing the Report associated with a screen


(Christine Blakeney) #1

This is currently a project in E9, but will carry over to E10 as well.

A user wants another BOM Listing Report screen that defaults to a different report style. It’s not clear to me if/where I can change a screen to call out a different report. Is this possible? If so, where do I make this change?


(Heather Marie) #2

This isn’t a per-User setting but you can set a default report Style in Report Style Maintenance:


When you move to E10 I believe you can use Breaking and Routing Rule Designer (APR) to choose an Alternate Report Style based on a User or User Group.

(Vinay Kamboj) #3

You can create another report style on the report and that will be available for selection on the report screen. Maybe save the selections made as defaults.

Vinay Kamboj

(Christine Blakeney) #4

Thanks. What I need is to leave the existing BOM Listing screen to have the default as is today. The user needs another menu item that points to the BOM Listing report, defaults to Indented, and has a different default report style from the standard BOM Listing session. So, I envision making a customized copy of the existing session, make a copy of the BOMListingRpt, create a report style for this BomListingRpt_Copy, and be able to change the new session to point to this new BOMListingRpt_Copy, which now has the new report style defaulted. I don’t see where I can change the Report associated with the session, but posted in case someone else knows if this is possible (or not). If not, I can create and SSRS report, but for some reason it’s quite a bit slower doing an indented BOM (at least how I have it scripted in SSRS).