'Changing Job Header / Job Operations with an Updateable BAQ

(Gregory Whiteford) #1

I want to create an updateable BAQ that acts like editing an existing job header in job entry.

Is there any way to have an updateable BAQ, so that when you uncheck engineered and released you do not have to save the line and then get back into the same line to make the changes, save those changes, only to have to go back and check engineered and released again and save again?

I have a dashboard that is NOT updateable that breaks out the load on each machining center, with other information such as product group, job operation, resource group, quantity on hand, minimum, maximums and demand from sales, jobs and the total demand. I can view all product lines and break out a specific machine across all product lines, or view only a specific product line. I would love to be able to reschedule and prioritize each machine in this type environment instead of using drag and drop and global scheduling. We are a very repetitive shop and MRP is cumbersome, given that our demand does not come from forecasts, master schedules or orders. Working with minimum stocking levels and minimum run quantities is also difficult because we machine raw castings and the recommendations that MRP gives you does not take into consideration the quantity of castings on hand. I have a recursive definition that looks up sub-materials on the same dashboard, shows the demand and quantity on hand. We have some parts that use the same raw material across product lines so this is a huge tool. We have flat bills in our machining department. Generally one or two ops on the same machine and one raw material per part. Everything we machine is build to stock and is independent of our assembly ops, so I would not be breaking anything downstream of machining as far as scheduling goes. We do sell some machined parts for repair kits, so we do have to take into consideration the demand that would come from sales, but it does not drive our schedule, unless it was a huge order or a one-off production run.

I was thinking and hoping that the Business Logic used in the Updateable BAQ for the job header would mimic how job entry editing worked, but it does not. If I could get this functionality to work, it would certainly streamline our scheduling process.

Has anyone created and updateable BAQ for the job header etc. for existing jobs and gotten around this issue? Any ideas?

I know enough C# to be very dangerous. I have written a custom data directive that automatically assigns items in the material queue to specific handhelds. That is the extent of any customization that I have done in Epicor.