Can't open BAQ in E9 - "This query name is already exists"


(Eddie Dawydiuk) #1

Hi All,

We’re in the process of migrating to E10, and are using an E9 test database to validate E10(are we getting the same data in both DBs). Anyway, we came across a couple BAQs that we can open in E10(they were uplifted via E9), but when we attempt to open them in E9 we get the error “This query name is already exists” and if we search for them they don’t show. Has anyone seen this strange behavior before and any ideas how to open the BAQ in E9?

(Eddie Dawydiuk) #2

Please disregard we found out in E9 an unshared BAQ can’t be viewed by any users other than the author. The author is no longer with the company so we needed to reset the password so we could login and share the BAQ so we could get access for validation…

(Chia Chang) #3

Did you try changing the author instead of making it shared only?

(Eddie Dawydiuk) #4

@cchange didn’t try that as sharing the BAQ fixed the problem, but I’ll bet changing the author would have also fixed the problem.

(Chia Chang) #5

What’s your policy for updating BAQ authors for those employees that are no longer with the company?

(Eddie Dawydiuk) #6

There is no policy - we’re a very small company :slight_smile:

(Chia Chang) #7

Do you manually go in to change the BAQ authors that are no longer with the company or do you leave them since they are shared?

(Eddie Dawydiuk) #8

We don’t have any policies, so didn’t take any actions. Not until we’re migrating to e10 did we realize we had a problem.