Bulk/Mass Scrap from specific bin in DMR


(Kale Peterson) #1

Hi all,

I’m fairly new to Epicor and am currently without an SME at my company, so I apologize if this should have an obvious answer.

Is there a way to mass-scrap multiple lot-tracked entries and part numbers out of a DMR bin? Many of these parts have also previously been issued to jobs, then passed through the NC process - some/many may still have affiliation with the original job.

I’ve inherited a bin in DMR with several years of defective “material” inventory built up, line by line. I have done a full rework/sort on the inventory and physically sent out the defectives to be recycled. There are about 600 entries in this location, with >50,000 pieces of material.

The nature of the material makes it difficult to audit, so I am confident the numbers are pretty far off from what reality was. My finance team has given me approval to scrap it all, with or without a single blanket comment for audit purposes.

Any methods or suggestions aside from line-by-line?

Thank you!

(Vinay Kamboj) #2

You can do it through DMT if you have that.

Vinay Kamboj

(Kale Peterson) #3

Hi Vinay,

Thank you for the reply.

I’m unfamiliar with DMT, but (after a Google search to find out what it is) I don’t think I have the tool available to me.

(Mark Wagner) #4

You can use the Issue Miscellaneous Material Screen under Inventory Management/General Operations. It is not job specific and does require a reason code but its pretty fast. You can work from several part numbers at a time in the list view

This will allow you to adjust out materials that have not been issued to jobs due to scrap, drop, etc

(Kale Peterson) #5

I’ll look at that, Mark. Thanks much.

Sadly, I failed to note that most of these have previously been issued to jobs (making edit to original post). Some may still be attached to them due to process breakdowns.

I’ll bang around with your suggestion, though, and see if I can make it work – or at least reduce some of the entries.

(Kale Peterson) #6

Hi Mark,
I tried working with this a bit, but because the items are lot-tracked, I am unable to move them out to scrap any faster than the line-by-line process in DMR Processing. Am I overlooking something that will help me bulk move the inventory?

Thank you!