BPM to trigger email alert

(Alice Elizabeth Smith) #1

Hello all,

Is there any configuration that needs to happen before I can trigger an email alert with a BPM? In a simple test, I entered the “To:” field with my email address and was unsuccessful generating anything.



(Chris Conn) #2

You will need a from field, also your email server has to be setup in Epicor (Company Maintenance).

(Chris Conn) #4

(Alice Elizabeth Smith) #5

awesome, got it.

(Alice Elizabeth Smith) #6

If you don’t mind, 2 additional questions:

In the email template, will the “From:” field be the email address I entered in the global alert box in Company Maintenance?

Also, Is the SMTP server and port specific to our provider, i.e. Microsoft Outlook?

I really appreciate your help.


(Ernie Lowell) #7
  1. Yes, the From field will be filled in by Global Alert field in Company Maintenance; and
  2. Yes. if you are using a cloud email service you’ll need to get port and authentication information from your provider