BPM Help Please

(Andrew Koemm) #1

I am try to create a BPM that needs to query data. For example, when someone creates an order I want a message to pop up if that customer is located outside of the USA.

What components do i need to use in the BPM designer?


(Jose C Gomez) #2

This and many other topics like it are covered in-dept with examples in the Ice Customization and Experience guides available in Epic Web.

I suggest some thorough study of these and come back to us if you still have questions after :slight_smile:

(Andrew Koemm) #3

The documents you sent me have good information. However, I cannot find anything to helps me accomplish my goal.

(Jose C Gomez) #4

Displaying a MessageBox on a BPM is definitely covered in those documents.

(Andrew Koemm) #5

Displaying a message box i knew how to do before I created this post. I need it to query data about a customer in an order. If the queried data matches a condition, then i have the message box pop up. Does this make sense.

(Brandon Anderson) #6

there is a criteria in the conditions for making a query, and if the row exists, do something.

(Haso Keric) #7

The Help Files are also available and accessible online.

Hope that helps

(Rob Bucek) #8

Use a condition element, choose the number of rows in the designed query is not less than one. Use the baq editor to create a query to verify the country of origin is outside the US. The help documents mentioned by previous and subsequent posters covers creating BAQ’s.

(Andrew Koemm) #9

Is there any way to preview a query in the workflow designer?

(Jose C Gomez) #10

Not for BPMs

(Andrew Koemm) #11

Dang, thats going to make it tough

(Andrew Koemm) #12

So here is my workflow:

This is my conditional query and criteria:

My message pops up for any Supplier I choose:

What could I be doing wrong? I figure its the query, but I cannot preview the query to see what exactly its showing.

(Jose C Gomez) #13

Are you multi-company?

(Andrew Koemm) #14


(Jose C Gomez) #15

ok what does your relationship between Vendor and ttPO look like? Click on the Line

(Andrew Koemm) #16

(Jose C Gomez) #17

What method is this running on?

(Brandon Anderson) #18

Have you put the results for the TT table into your message box? I’d be curious to see what lines are being returned.

(Andrew Koemm) #20


(Chris Conn) #21

You want that message to pop up everytime record is saved? If not, your going to need criteria for added rows.