Blank Sales Order in AR Invoice Entry

(Shelbie Taylor) #1

I have had problems with this particular customer in the past with pulling shipments over into ar invoice entry the sales order number is 0, but when I actually look for the order it pulls the correct sales order number over, I can delete and re run “get shipments” and it will still be 0. This seems to be a problem with other sales orders too, but this is the second or third time with this particular customer I have noticed.

How can this be fixed?

(Pierre Hogue) #2

We too had the same issues…

Epicor Support provided a datafix to resolve.


(Shelbie Taylor) #3

Oh okay, thank you.

(Calvin Krusen) #4

Any chance that customer has the Combine Packing Slips option enabled?


That is from the Billing -> Detail tab of the Customer Entry screen.

(Shelbie Taylor) #5

Thank you! It actually wasn’t that, but the consolidate sales order was ticked. Oh thank you so much!