BL Tester Query (JobMtlSearch)

(Mark Damen) #1


I’m trying ultimately to populate a grid on a custom screen with the materials from a specified job that are Lot Tracked.

I have found a field of interest on the JobMtlSearch contract in BL Tester. I want to be able to include the PartNumTrackLots column in the where clause, but it says I can’t because it’s not a database column which I fully understand.

Is there a way to specify this where clause differently, or would I get the results from this search before looping over those results are removing anything that isn’t ticked as PartNumTrackLots?

Many Thanks

(Mark Damen) #2

This is the error:


(Dan Edwards) #3

I think you would need to iterate through the result set returned from this adapter. Is there a reason you would just not use a dynamic query as your data source for the grid?

(Mark Damen) #4

Still learning, and once I’ve got something working I kept at it! Can you give me some starting code for doing what you suggest - sounds like a good solution.

Thank you!

(Mark Damen) #5

@danbedwards - never used the DynamicQuery adapter before, always gone for the specific ones. I like it, impressed that you can have the customised screen open and make changes to the underlying BAQ and it just works upon next refresh - don’t even have to close screen.

Thanks for prompting me to look at this feature!