Auto Checking AutoShipQty on Customer shipment Entry

(John Dillon) #1

I do not see a system option for it but how can we toggle the field for AutoShipQty on Customer Shipment entry?

Since I do not see an option in setup would be be a BPM to support this upon create new shipment or another form of code?



(Jose C Gomez) #2

Why / When would you want to auto ship? This is already built in with Counter Sale.

(John Dillon) #3

It’s not an auto ship function, its under Customer Shipment Entry and Pack out. Packers are filling boxes, scanning or enter the parts and there is a check box there (Display name Use Auto Qty and database name as AutoShipQty). when check this uses the multiplier related to the barcode UOM.

This works if the user checks it, but trying to eliminate one step.

(Chris Conn) #4

Perhaps on form load.

var POC = oTrans.Factory("PackOutControl");
POC.dataView[POC.Row]["UseAutoQty"] = true;