(William) #1

When attaching items to like order entry, does epicor save the actual file or just link to it?

(Mark Wonsil) #2

Epicor always creates a link and never stores the file. However, if you choose File System, it makes a copy in a folder. If you have SharePoint or DocStar, it makes a copy there. In all cases, it stores a link to the location of the file.

Mark W.

(William) #3

What is the file attachment maintenance? It gives a current base path and an target base path. Is this what I have to run to save attached documents into a folder from Epicor?

(William) #4

Never mind I figured it out. But I can’t find the “File System” you are speaking of.

(Mark Wonsil) #5

(William) #6

So, by choosing file system, it wills ave a copy of the actual document to that location, correct?

(Mark Wonsil) #7

Yes. It saves it in the location listed in Company Maintenance | Attachments tab. You cannot control the folder structure. It’s based on the Epicor entity that you’re linking to and separates it out by company ID.

Mark W.

(William) #8

Great! So If enable the Sharepoint and create the Site library, it will drop the file sin that location, correct?

(William) #9

Scratch that, I’ll just use the standard file system. Thanks!

(Mark Wonsil) #10

The downside of the File System is there is limited security. Everyone has access to all folders. Also, you cannot add meta data for searching of documents like you can with SharePoint and DocStar.

Mark W.

(William) #11

Yeah, I agree. My only saving grace is most of my users will not even go looking for it and it is saved into a server that has limited access, Epicor and Me is about it. In my previous life I sold DocStar and am very familiar with what it can do. Needless to say, that is on my short list, but need to build a good case for it.