Asynchronous methods Epicor 10.1.400.17


(Jaime Hernandez) #1

Hello Everyone,

I have a BPM which has an asynchronous external method it works perfect but after a few days it gets stuck and now it seems that not even restarting the task agent helps. Also any process or report seems to be working fine.

Have you guys experience something similar? Epicor doesn’t seems to provide any UI to followup these methods which its sad. Do you know any problem or related documentation that can provide some guidance?

Let me know if I need to provide more information
Thanks a lot and have a great week :smiley:

(Jose C Gomez) #2

Yup async bpms go into a black hole in several versions of 10.1.x not sure when / if it has been addressed


(Jaime Hernandez) #3

Thanks for the reply Jose, here are the tables for the asynchronous but it wont help that much just to know that you have a problem jejeje.

ice.BpActionQueue and ice.BpActionQueueData