Anyone Using PCID in 10.2.300?


(Andrew) #1

Is there anyone using PCID who has upgraded to 10.2.300?
We’ve held off implementing PCID since it seemed mostly related to job-shipping and not general receiving and warehousing however, reading the release notes for 10.2.300, it looks like a lot has been added for receiving and tracking PCIDs.
Is anyone able to confirm if this can be used for tracking stock in the warehouse yet?
How about Allocations?

Ideally, we would like to be able to assign PCID (as pallet code) to all stock within the warehouse. Is this doable at the moment?

Also, any issues you’ve found with the implementation?

Thanks in advance.

PCID Implementation
(Andrew) #2

Surprised to see no responses here at all. :frowning:

(Vinay Kamboj) #3

I would also like to know more about PCIR in the new release. We do not use it currently since it does not work for us in its present shape. We are on 10.1.600.19

Vinay Kamboj

(Andrew) #4

I’ve just upgraded test to 10.2.300.5 and am pretty pleased with my findings so far.
It appears that the feature has been implemented for receiving, inventory management (transfers, package management/splitting/etc), reservations, stock to job material including and job quantity reporting. This is all I’ve tested at the moment, but it all is looking very promising.
One issue that I’ve found is with non-conformance. If you have parts in PCIDs that you mark as non-conforming, there is no way to select the PCID(s) that have an issue and if you select the ‘request move’ then you will end up with a -ve quantity in the bin as well as the positive for the PCID relates quantities. I think we can probably extend the functionality without too much issue to add the PCID to the move requests, but it’s early yet.

One other thing I’m trying to work out is if we can do mass receipts. Lets say we want to receive 30 pallets (packages?) a truck, all with the same lot, etc. I don’t think that we can do this as mass receipt. Anyone know different?

If anyone has a good solution for these, I’m all ears.