Any DocStar Users out there?

(Heather Marie) #1


Just wondering who out there is using the DocStar Document Management software with Epicor?
-How do you like it?
-What types of workflows are you using on a regular basis?
-Does it seem to do everything that they say it will do well?
-Are the workflows easy to use/build/modify?
-Any complaints or issues with it? Any concerns?
-How are you managing the file storage (sizing/archives)? How much did this increase the storage that you needed to house the documents?
-Do you have Artsyl and does the Intelligent Data Capture seem to work well?

OR is there a different Document Management system that anyone would recommend over DocStar? What are the reasons why you prefer this DMS instead?

Right now our main reasons for wanting to purchase Docstar are the following:
*Grabbing Invoices from Emails and auto-entering them into Epicor
*Auto 3-way matching on the AP side
*Verify that our Customer POs match the Sales Orders entered into Epicor
*Only have to deal with any Exceptions from the above validation processes

Thank you for any answers to my questions above and any information anyone can provide!
-Heather :slight_smile: