Add customer terms to aging report in crystal


(Chris Solomon) #1

I am trying to add a column in the crystal report, I updated the data definition and the customer table is available but for the love of…I have no clue where to stick the field so it pulls over the customer terms. Anyone have a report or any idea on where to put the terms

(Bruce Ordway) #2

Here is a quick summary
I usually run the report style after assigning the revised RDD

  • it should create an XML file in your report folder on the server?
    e.g. ReportName1234.XML in the Epicor data folder on the server - D:\epicor\EpicorData\Reports\MyE9ID?
    — then verify I can see the new table/fields in the XML file that was generated.

After that I can use the Crystal Developer to edit the report.

  • open the .rpt report file and launch the Database Expert from the menu
    In Data sheet
  • Available Data Sources select the default connection (which can be tricky),
  • edit the properties to specify your XML file as the active datasource
  • then move the new table(s) over to the “Selected Tables” pane
    In Links sheet
  • add joins as needed

After closing the database expert, the new table/fields should be listed in the Field Explorer - drag & drop into the report.

I know this can be an obtuse exercise
Here is an old step by step set of instructions with screen shots that hopefully adds some clarity.
Add Table Example - RDD - Style - XML - Crystal report.pdf (160.0 KB)

(Chris Solomon) #3

Thank you for the reply, I appreciate the time you took, I was able to get the customer table added however this is such a complex report wrote I don’t know where to add it so it displays as a column…