Add Column to Chart Tracker Transaction Detail

(Aaron Willett) #1

Has anyone successfully added the invoice dates to the Transaction Detail grid in Chart Tracker?
I tried one method where it essentially does a lookup for each row and, while it works, it’s horribly inefficient and nearly unusable due to speed.
I tried creating a BAQ and rebinding the grid, but I’m having trouble with the publish/subscribe.
In order to filter the data properly, it needs to subscribe to multiple values, which is fine, but the one I’m having trouble with is subscribing to a date range. I need to have the BAQ be filtered on the date range from the fiscal period selection (Filter.StartDate and Filter.EndDate).
In addition, I’d like it to behave the same way as the original where it populates when clicking the retrieve button. I must be misunderstanding the code to publish and subscribe because if I put it on the Click event for the button, I get an error about the key already being in the dictionary.

Need to add invoice date to Chart Tracker Trans Detail

(Bruce Ordway) #2

You might want to check out the solution that Jose posted on another thread.

Adding a column to a grid that is not in the collection

(Aaron Willett) #3

Thanks, I’ve used that as a reference before, but it’s too basic for what I’m looking for.

(Jose C Gomez) #4

You should be able to subscribe then use a simple DataView filter for the range

String str = "ChildKey1 LIKE '" + txtTagFilter.Text + "%'";
    EpiDataView edv = oTrans.Factory("UD104A");
    edv.AdditionalFilter = str;
    edv.dataView.RowFilter = str;
    edv.Notify(new EpiNotifyArgs(oTrans, 0, EpiTransaction.NotifyType.Initialize));

(Aaron Willett) #5

How can I prevent the BAQ from pulling the data until a retrieve button is hit?
I’m running into an issue where I change the GL and it pulls the data, then I change the fiscal year and it changes the data again, then I change the period and it changes once more. I’d like it to not change anything until I click a button.

(Aaron Willett) #6

Alright, so I had some success using your method here:
It’s currently on another tab, though.
I tried setting the data source of the old grid to the new data source from the BAQ, but I get this error:

I got that same error using the publish/subscribe method when I changed the data source on that grid.
I have DebitAmount included in the BAQ as a column. Not sure what it’s looking for.

(Jose C Gomez) #7

IT’s looking for a column called DebitAmount (the BAQ columns are Table_Name) which it doesn’t like. You could try re-naming the column after you run the BAQ.

(Aaron Willett) #8

I didn’t have a lot of success doing that, so I just unbound the old grid and moved it off screen.
Put the new table there and it looks convincing enough.
Thanks for your help.