9.05.700 - External BAQ


(Andrew Fagan) #1

I have created a data warehouse in SQL from an Epicor Progress Database (9.05.700C). Created a view that returns the results I need. When I attempt to create an external BAQ in Epicor to pull in the view so I can deploy as a dashboard I get this error… basically can’t find the database.

Any suggestions?

Error occurred while accessing component property/method: open.
[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified
Error code: 0x80020009 TestConnection bo/BAQExtODBCSearch/BAQExtODBCSearch.p (5890)

(Bruce Ordway) #2

Have you already tried setting up an ODBC DSN for the data warehouse?

  • on the client PC(s) where you are trying to add the view to the external BAQ?