10.2 Dashboard - Adding sub fields to header row of a group by field

(tyler fenwick) #1

I’v been looking at a few dashboard posts and can’t seem to find my specific case (But i’m sure it has already been asked). In a dashboard, after you group by a field. Can you add child fields into the field that’s grouped by to create a header row of fields? Right now I have child field called “orderhed.docorderamt” AKA “Customer Amount” that needs to be displayed along side “orderhed.ordernum” AKA “Order” that is grouped by.

(Nathan Woolen) #2

Wouldn’t making the Customer Amount a sum put it there?


(tyler fenwick) #3

It would but it would be misleading the end user as a sum of the whole field. When really there is only one value for the header level of the order.

(Jose C Gomez) #4

You could modify the BAQ and create a field that is a combination of the two then group by that.