Customization Maitenance weirdness

(Bernie Walker) #1

I have a customization for Customer Shipment Entry that uses a dynamic query.
It compiles and runs fine when imported.

If I load it into Customization Maintenance and choose verify customization from the actions menu, The program strips

using Ice.Proxy.BO;

from the script and then causes errors to show on the errors tab

I have been using the Verify Customization action to find controls that have overlapping issues with the new fields added to 10.2 screens

anyone else see this behavior where using “Verify Customization” breaks working customizations?

(Theodore Koch) #2

I am having the same issue @bw2868bond on 10.2.300.1

Did you put in a ticket with Epicor?

(Bernie Walker) #3

I did not enter a ticket

I added Ice.Proxy.BO. to each line of code that called a dynamic query

hopefully it does not “break” again

(Theodore Koch) #4

That’s what we have been doing to fix, but this is obviously a pretty disappointing bug. I put in a ticket.