10.1.600.20 Minor Upgrade - Workbench Conversion Issue

(Lee Burns) #1

I tried running a minor upgrade over the weekend from 10.1.600.5 to 10.1.600.20 and it bombed out at the Conversion Workbench portion.

The error is pretty easy to dissect, I just don’t know how to go about resolving it. Has anyone seen or experienced anything similar, or know how I could approach this issue?

(Lee Burns) #2

Support came back (surprisingly) with a fix. It’s a script (SQL) to run in SSMS. I don’t know the rules around posting SQL scripts, so I’ll mention the SCR (204005) called out in the script header.

(Lee Burns) #3

I just noticed at the bottom of the script, it says “End of SCR 207635”

So, I’m not sure if it’s 204005 or 207635, fyi

(Jose C Gomez) #4

Thanks Lee
And yes , to clarify you should never post anything that epicor support gives you directly here (except maybe advice)
But the tools and fixes they provide are for paying maintenance customers only and since we can’t verify that information we have a strict policy on posting things like that.
However feel free to post case or scr numbers to help others find the fix within support.
Also feel free to post direct links to epicor content (such as epicweb) since access to said content is controlled by epicor.

Thank you