Why is the warehouse showing different On hand than the bins for a part?

(Utah Taylor) #1

Hello All,

I am not understanding how my PartWhse.OnHandQty is different from the PartBin.OnHandQty in the warehouse.

Does anyone else know why?



(Nancy Hoyt) #2

Could it be related to this? Part Tracker shows conflicting QOH

(Jose C Gomez) #3

This is a known issue sometimes these tables get out of Sync. There is a conversion you can run to re-sync.

(Utah Taylor) #4

@josecgomez @Nancy I called Epicor and they told me to run the “Refresh part bin QOH from PArt tran” process and then check to see if they matched. Epicor then said to run the “Refresh Part Quantities and Allocations” if the warehouse and bin quantities did not match.