Where do I find ResourceGroup.DailyCapacity inside Epicor?

(Todd Gilbert) #1

I’m about to pull my hair out over this…

We’re in the midst of a conversion from Vantage 6.1 to Epicor 10.2. I’ve loaded in our Resource Group/Resource data using DMT – including each Resource Group’s Daily Capacity (DailyCapacity1 - DailyCapacity7).

Now I want to view these Daily Capacity numbers inside Epicor…presumably inside Resource Group Maintenance. Where the heck is it??

Thanks for the help!
Todd Gilbert
GCM, Inc.

(Kevin Albee) #2

If the Resource Group in Epicor 10 is similar to the one in Epicor 9, there’s a field called “Daily Production Capacity” located on the “Detail” tab in the “Scheduling” section. If that’s in the same place in Epicor 10 and you can find that, is that the value you’re looking for?

Note: This field has a binding to ResourceGroup.DailyProdQty which isn’t what you mentioned before. But, I’m not seeing any fields (in Epicor 9) called “DailyCapacity”.

(Todd Gilbert) #3

Unfortunately, that’s not it…however, I think I figured it out.

Unlike Vantage where you numerically specify number of machines and
operational hours for each work center, it appears that Epicor uses the
number of Resources multiplied by the available hours from the associated
Production Calendar for each. (If anyone can confirm this, that would be

When I saw the DailyCapacity fields in the DMT template, I figured that’s
what they were for. I guess they’re likely an obsolete artifact from an
earlier version.

In Vantage, because our production standards are notoriously off, we’ve
adjusted our daily work center capacity to make the system schedule more
correctly. I guess my choice now is between updating our standards or
creating individual Production Calendars for each…


Thanks for the help though.

(Andris Skulte) #4

Todd - Thanks for bringing this up (and posting, found it as I’m learning more about capacity). I just tested it in 10.2.200. 1st run was with one resource on the resource group, and 2nd run was after I added a 2nd resource.