Where are files stored?

(Sam Khayatt) #1

There is a post, Updatable Order Credit Hold Dashboard,
that makes reference to a .zip file in the “Files” section of the site. Where is the Files section and how do I get to the content?


(Jose C Gomez) #2

That was for the old yahoo group. Those files no longer exist.

(Calvin Krusen) #3

I just logged into the Vantage Yahoo site, and the “Files” section is still chock full of files.

Not saying that specific ZIP file he’s looking for exists, but if people have access to the old Yahoo group, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look in the Files section.

(Calvin Krusen) #4

I think I found it. The url is

That probably requires access to the Yahoo group. If you have access, but that link doesn’t work, it is in

Files -> Dashboards -> SO Credit Hold Override Dashboard.zip

I don’t know what the rules are on here about uploading files from that site to here. So I’ll hold off until I get an okay.

(Sam Khayatt) #5

Worked. Thanks so much!!

(Jose C Gomez) #6

You can re-upload here if you’d like Calvin, no issue with that. We didn’t do it originally casue it was impossible to relate a file to a post on the yahoo group

(Haso Keric) #7

waits for upload

(Calvin Krusen) #8

SO Credit Hold Override Dashboard.zip (1.3 MB)

Full disclosure: I’m not the author of this. I simply found it in the Files section of the old Yahoo Group

The URL of the files section of that group is

I think it was a group that required membership, so you might hit a wall.