When printing reports go to Scheduled

(William) #1

Our Vantage system is not our live environment but something we keep for info. However, we do occasionally print from it. Yesterday and today when you hit print, it goes to Scheduled and not to Active, and so nothing prints. I have restarted all the services and nothing seems to help. Any ideas on this? I have no experience with Vantage.

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #2

It can usually be addressed by:

  1. Reenter a security manager user and the current password for that user on the system agent record.
  2. Restart task and process appserver processes from the Progress Explorer Tool.

NOTE: One should stop the ProcessServer appserver first, then the TaskAgent. When starting, TaskAgent first then ProcessServer.

(William) #3

I am assuming the task agent for this was/is in the Appserver, correct?

(Nathan your friendly neighborhood Support Engineer) #4

Correct. You will find the MfgSys803ProcessServer and MfgSys803TaskAgent under the appservers node in the Progress Explorer Tool