Vantage 8.03 - how to clear a hung post process

(Christa Salyer) #1

A user processed payments for a Payment Entry Group; then the POST for the group got hung up. We can’t select the group–the system won’t retrieve it. Nor can any user create a new payment entry group for any of our bank accounts. HOW can a hung payment post process be cleared?

(Josh Owings) #2

I was going to say this sounds like a conversion that can be run to release the procedure. I do not see one named though in our 10.1 system. May have to call support for a release on it. You could possibly cycle the task agent service as well if you think it is hung. This may release it if the status is Active already.

(Kevin Albee) #3

In Epicor 9, I believe we run conversion 10250 for situations like that. I’m not sure if it’s the same number in Vantage 8 or would accomplish what you’re looking for, but that might be a good place to start looking.

(Christa Salyer) #4

Thanks for the suggestion. Epicor support suggested the same conversion be run, but we don’t have the folder or conversion files mentioned. Waiting to hear back on whether there’s a similar utility/fix for Vantage 8.03 hung processes. And anxious to get resolved a.s.a.p.

(Jose Fernandez) #5

to clear this, all you need to do is stop and start the appservers. it clears the task. happens to us on the AR side all the time.

(Josh Owings) #6

Are you looking for the conversion using the Epicor Admin Tools in Progress?