Vantage 6.1 on Windows 10 Ver 18

(Bob Findlay) #1

We have been successfully running Vantage 6.1 on Windows 7, then Windows 10 machines without a hitch until now. A couple of machines decided that it was time to upgrade from Win 10 Ver 17.09 to Ver 18.03 and they now give the following error when attempting to start Vantage:

Unable to create socket. errno=0. (781)

Re installation does not appear to resolve the issue, neither does shutting down the firewall and antivirus.

It is not an immediate showstopper as we have blocked Windows updates for the moment and plan to cut across to V10 in 5 weeks time but we will require access to V6.1 long into the future for historical reference. Any pointers on resolving this error will be much appreciated.

(Josh Owings) #2

Windows 7 VM is your best bet in hyper V. IMO.

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(Dustin Straight) #3

We are running into the same issue. What we have done is we just rolled back the Feature to 1709 and plan on testing out updates on a test machine. We have also unapproved the Feature update 1803 on the WSUS.

(Charles Shrader) #4

Apparently the last update re-enabled our Windows 10 workstations to run Vantage. Thought I’d pass along.

(Dustin Straight) #5

After some trial and error, I have found that Windows 10 Pro with version 1803 are able to run Vantage. It is the Windows 10 Enterprise that have the issue with version 1803.

(Dustin Straight) #6

I fixed it. I used the update kb4284848 and it works now. Took forever to find the answer so I hope this helps someone.