Using Placeholder Operations in a Configurator and setting Capabilit

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I am running Epicor 9 and trying to build a configurator for our company estimators to build parts for manufacturing. The configurator style we chose was to have the estimators run through a series of questions about which operations they wanted to run. After each series of questions the configurator would come up with operations and run times to build the part.

In the method rules we are using placeholder operations that are renamed based on what the estimator chose. We've got this part pretty well figured out, but now we are also trying to assign capabilities to those operations and it has become pretty tricky. We have been able to successfully add a single capability to our placeholder operation using the configurator, but we can't figure out how to add multiple capabilities to it using the SetField command. 

Right now our Method Rules looks something like this:

Rule Sequence                  Type                      Rule

10                                           Keep When        Operation1 <> “” and Operation1 <> “No More Operations”

20                                           Set Field               QuoteOpr.OpCode = OperationID1

30                                           Set Field               QuoteOpDtl.CapabilityID = Op1Capability1

40                                           Set Field               ??? Capability 2?

50                                           Rule Function    GetOpMaster()

Have any of you used placeholder operations and capabilities before? I am pretty new to Epicor and could use some help.