Using DMT for importing historical part transactions?

(Todd Gilbert) #1

We are currently migrating from Vantage 6.1 to E10.2.

As I’m considering which historical data we want to bring over and how far back, I noticed that DMT has a template for “Job Receipt to Inventory.” However, the template appears to be the same table structure as PartTran.

I thought I had heard that it was not possible to bring over transaction records, but apparently that’s not the case.

Does anyone know if this template can be used to bring over ALL part transaction records (not that I would do that necessarily) and/or if there would be any issues caused by doing this?

Todd Gilbert

(Ernie Lowell) #2

When you use the DMT to create a Job Receipt to Inventory transaction, it will also do all the financial shenanigans (moving value from wip to inventory), so I would strongly recommend against it.

When a client needs to have historical data of that nature available, we would usually either leave the old server available for them to access when necessary OR summarize extremely necessary data in a UD table, keeping in mind that the phrase “extremely necessary” will diminish in importance within a very few months, and go away entirely in a couple of years.

(Mark Wonsil) #3

Listen to @Ernie . It’s way more trouble than it’s worth. A third option is to store the PartTran table in another SQL database and write a simple web page that accepts part number. Now you can embed that page in Part Tracker (or wherever) and easily see those transactions without the ugly bloat in your brand new database.

Mark W.