Two Values in One Argument/Variable

(John Kane) #1

I have DocStar and am trying to get an attachment to reference 2 separate tables on attach. I traced an attachment and found that BO and method. One of the argument/variable is “whereClause”. I would like to add a second value in the “whereClause” but do not even know if it is possible.

Can someone let me know if I am able to do this? And if so, how?

To get into the details. When we receive raw material, we usually need a Heat Certificate. We plan on scanning the certificate in and attaching it to the receipt line. I would also like to add a link in the PartLot table as the certificate should also tie to that.

(John Kane) #2

Whomp whomp, can’t be done :frowning_face:

(Mark Wonsil) #3

That’s interesting John because DMT does it. There’s one DMT impirt to load the unique file reference and then different DMT imports to attach that file reference to a particular document (table). Hmmm.

Mark W.

(Mark Wonsil) #4

Unless you mean on the DocStar side. Then maybe there’s not a way to get the metadata over there… Although, DocStar does index the document title, so if you’ve included everything there (Heat Lot, PO, Receiver) then you’ll be able to do searches in DocStar to find it.

Mark W.

(John Kane) #5

I was googling it and found that you can’t have two entries in one variable for C#. I could use DMT, but the users will be dragging and dropping the files, so DMT would make it less efficient. I was hoping to be able to call out both tables on the method, but I can’t figure out how to do it. I got the methods from the trace and wanted to create a BPM that would attach to both RcvDtl and PartLot.

  <localTime>2/16/2018 10:14:01:7874183 AM</localTime>
  <executionTime total="247" roundTrip="95" channel="138" bpm="0" other="14" />
    <parameter name="whereClause" type="System.String"><![CDATA[TableName = 'RcvDtl' BY PropertyName]]></parameter>
    <parameter name="pageSize" type="System.Int32"><![CDATA[0]]></parameter>
    <parameter name="absolutePage" type="System.Int32"><![CDATA[0]]></parameter>
    <parameter name="morePages" type="System.Boolean"><![CDATA[False]]></parameter>