Transfer Orders cannot be received

(Clive Pottinger) #1

We are having an issue in which transfer orders from one plant to another are entered without issue, but when we try to receive the order in Vantage, we get an error.

Unfortunately, all the error says is “Invalid Transfer Order”. Selecting “Detail” on the error dialog shows
Message: Invalid Transfer Order
Type: Error
Program: bo/TransOrderReceipt.p
Method: plantTranBeforeUpdate
Table: TFLineNum

I have looked in the database at the tfordhed, tforddetl, tfordsug, tfshiphead and tfshipdtl tables. Nothing looks ‘obviously’ wrong. The tflinenum in tfordsug matches the on in tfshipdtl.

Does anyone have any ideas where I could look next?

(Calvin Krusen) #2

Make sure the “Shipped” box is checked on the TO Shipment screen. It doesn’t automatically get set like Packers do.

Edit: added screen shot

(Clive Pottinger) #3

Thank you, ckrusen.

I will note the state of that flag the next time this occurs.