Task Agent randomly stops

(Aaron Moreng) #1

We have a single task agent that is running a dormant enviornment.
It seems like every day, it just stops working at a certain point.
The task agent says that it’s running, from both a service perspective and from the application.
The External Service Status balloon in the System Monitor says that the task agent is running.

In the admin console, it also says that the task agent is running.
When I go to print a report, it sends it to a scheduled task.

Restarting the task agent via the Admin Console is the only way I’ve found to fix this issue.

Any idea why this silently fails and why all indications show that this process is healthy?
How should I manage this in a production environment?

Thank you

(Michel Serry) #2

What is the version of E10 you are running ? Can you send me a screen shot of your taskagent properties?

(Prakash6738) #3

Have u changed password of the Logon Username of ICE task service or ur epicor application manager’s password ?

Recheck if changed and not updated in both places…

(Chia Chang) #4

We are all of a sudden recently been having one of our test environment’s task agent been stopping randomly weekly. Any other things to check why the task agent has been down or if there are logs where we can check?