Supplier Check - Remit to Name/Address different from main address

(Prasad Ramawickrama) #1

Hello All,
Is there a way to create a supplier Remit to Name/Address different from supplier address, so checks can be sent to different name/address without creating purchasing point ? Thanks

(Utah Taylor) #2

In supplier maintenance, go to the “Bank/Remit To” tab and enter a new Bank/Remit To.

When you invoice, you can select the remit to. In the case that there is only one, it will default to that. In the case that a Remit To is not set up, it uses the vendor’s address as you are experiencing.

(Prasad Ramawickrama) #3

Hi Utah,

Thank you for quick reply…

That is exactly what I did, but it is NOT working…, still printing vendor address (not from Bank/Remit To)

Is there a flag or company configuration that I’m missing…

(Utah Taylor) #4

Are you using the standard SSRS report?

(Prasad Ramawickrama) #5

You are correct…

No, we have custom SSRS report, must be hardcoded… what should be the correct technical field name ?

(Utah Taylor) #6

Vend bank address if I am not mistaken.

Utah Taylor

Business Intelligence Analyst

(Arul Shankar) #7

CheckHed table has supplier address details (VendBankName, VendBankAddress1, etc). Its populated at the time of Payment Entry. If the Vendor Bank details are changed later, it will not reflect.