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(Carol Pelowski) #1

Are there any ABL to C# conversion tools available in Epicor 10.2 ?
Thanks in advance.

(Dan Edwards) #2

You can use this site for ABL to C#

(Jason Woods) #3

Be aware that this is not foolproof conversions and is rarely the most efficient code.

(Carol Pelowski) #4

Thank you both for your help. It will give me a start anyway.

I appreciate the responses.


(Carol Pelowski) #5

I am getting the following message when I try to enter the site.

I can’t seem to get past this.

Any suggestions?

I went to the Epicor site, but cannot find any type of conversion tool.

Thank you.


(Dan Edwards) #6

Click advanced and continue to the site. I am pretty sure Epicor is aware of the certificate issue.

(Carol Pelowski) #7

Supposedly this conversion tool is found in the conversion folder on the EpicWeb site. I cannot seem to find it. Can you attach a screen shot?

Thank you so much!


(Carol Pelowski) #8

Thank you Dan.

Nothing is ever simple, is it? J

Finally got in there, now we shall see how this works. Have a great day!!


(Dan Edwards) #9

Glad you got in. If you do run into questions about the code conversion, either not working or not optimal, this site is the best place to get those questions answered. There are a bunch of really smart people on this site that have been through these code conversions a time or two and are eager to assist.