SSRS POForm position "POForm:001:00" from footer

(Chai Chang) #1

I am modifying the POForm. Made a copy and modifying it. When I print the purchase order form, at the bottom of the footer it is showing “POForm:001:00”. No matter what I do, I cannot change the size or position this textbox. Won’t let me click. Is there a trick to this? I have some special instruction I want to put right below the total section and then move that more toward the bottom, but no luck. Any ideas?

(Bruce Ordway) #2

Just curious how you are editing the copy of the report?

There are multiple paths and you can get slightly different results depending on which steps are used.
I might try this…
1.) E10 --> Report Style Maintenance - select custom style --> actions - download SSRS report --> to some working directory
2.) Launch Report Builder, open the downloaded file from step 1… edit as needed & save.
3.) E10 --> Report Style Maintenance - select custom style --> actions -Upload SSRS report --> from your working directory

I would normally expect to see something like this in Report Builder…

(Chai Chang) #3

From E10, I went into Report Style Maintenance–>Report ID “POForm”–>Actions and Copy report style. I renamed the copied report style and download it to my desktop. I then use Microsoft Report Builder to open up the POForm.rdl file and modify the report. When I click on the textbox where it contained the “POForm:001:00”, it just highlight the rectangle box. Will not let me highlight that textbox to move it no matter what I try.

(Chai Chang) #4

Okay didn’t realize there’s 2 rectangle box at the footer and when I resized the footer, that textbox got covered with one of the rectangle. That’s why I couldn’t select it no matter what I do. I end up resizing both rectangle box and can now select. So all good.

Thank you.