SSRS - Footer to expand with disclaimer

(Chai Chang) #1

I am modifying the PO form and have a disclaimer/special instruction that I would like to put at the end of the footer. Only issue is that I have multiple plants with different disclaimer/special instruction due to different materials they handle. So this instruction can change in size. I don’t want to put it in the body since it can grow to a page or longer. I would like to add to end of footer. Issue is that I cannot set the footer/textbox to grow/expand. I would have to change the size of the footer and sometimes this can be huge (lots of white space) for plants that have smaller special instruction/disclaimer. Anyone found a way around this or have a trick they can share?

(tyler fenwick) #2

Are the properties disabled for the text box? I normally have text box fields in my footer and there properties available set to “CanGrow” = True.

(Chai Chang) #3

Even if I have a textbox in the footer and set the properties to “Allow height to increase”, the footer seems to be a fix height. So my disclaimer/special instruction will get chop off. In the body, this is not an issue, but it seems to be an issue for header/footer. It is a fixed height.

(jayaprakash prabhakaran) #4

Hi Chai, dynamically increase/decrease the report header & footer size is not recommended.
But, you can attach the special instruction as an auxiliary document.

For instance, our PO has terms and conditions (UD field in POHeader). When a PO is printed, the last page prints the terms and conditions.

(Dave Olender) #5

I do not know of any way to dynamically expand the footer (I wish I could).

One suggestion is to create a new Parent group (I usually use company) and put your T&C in the footer of that group. You can then either set the group KeepTogether or set the page Break property to always print the T&C on the last page.

I have done this many times and it works.


(Chai Chang) #6

Thank you for the recommendations. Will try these suggestions and see if it get me any where. Thanks again.