Service Connect Flow Error

(Aaron Willett) #1

I’m receiving an error on a new service connect flow and I’m not entirely sure why.
It’s saying that it requires the values (ISI, 10271, 1) to exist in the parent table of RMADtl.
I ran a BAQ to verify that they are there, so I have a feeling this error is trying to tell me something else (very poorly). Has anyone come across this error type?

(Jose C Gomez) #2

Are you populating the entire DataSet on the worklfow call? Or only the Row you are updating? SOmetimes it needs the entire DataSet to be passed in (Parent and Child) even if the record technically exists in the DB.

(Aaron Willett) #3

I was just doing the row.
I’ll give the entire dataset a try.

(Jose C Gomez) #4

It has to do with the way the Epicor Service works. Sometimes they use the passed in DataSet to do the checks and not independent lookup. Just ran into that this morning with a different BO.

(Aaron Willett) #5

Looks like that was the issue.