SalesRepList breakout formula

(Dave Olender) #1

We are on 10.2.100.x and I am trying to create 5 formulas to capture the SalesRep codes from the SalesRepList. in the OrderHed table.

I guess the first question would be “is there another way?” I thought Epicor added some fields for us that broke out that field - but I don’t see any in the OrderHed.

I am struggling with how to do this - If someone out there has figured this out I would greatly appreciate a little help.


(Jose C Gomez) #2

In a BAQ? where are you trying to get it?

(Dave Olender) #3

Mr. Jose: Yes - I am in the BAQ interface.

Sorry about that - I forgot to mention my context.


(Mark Wonsil) #4

These functions are your friends:


(Dave Olender) #5

Thank you Mark.


(John Kane) #6

You can use this too. Just replace the number with the rep you want.


(Dave Olender) #7

Mr. John: Can I use that syntax in the BAQ Formula Editor?


(Mark Wonsil) #8

It’s the same function Dave. If you double click on Entry, watch what it puts in the expression editor.

Mark W,

(Dave Olender) #9

Thank you everyone - Entry IS! the magic bullet. It works perfectly.

You guys Rock!
Thank you again,